Our Company

Energía Latina was created in response to the Central Interconnected System's urgent need to increase the generation capacity at the beginning of the last decade. For the past ten years, we have worked to backup first the Central Interconnected System (CIS) and now the National Electrical System of Chile. Due to the geographical diversification of our plants, they are still needed.

Energía Latina looks at the future from the perspective of new requirements, and has a broad portfolio of projects focused on the generation of variable renewal energy, projects involving liquefied gas generation, such as the Terminal de Gas Caldera through its associate company Innovación Energía S.A. and finally, with storage projects of large volumes of energy, which aim to contribute to the decarbonization process the country is beginning to experience.

Our History

December 2007

The story begins

The company Enlasa Generación Chile S.A. was incorporated with the corporate purpose of generating, transmitting, buying, selling and distributing electrical power.

February 2009

The Trapén power plant opened

Trapén power plant, with a nominal power of 90 MW.

May 2009

The Teno power plant opened

Teno power plant, with a nominal power of 65 MW.

July 2009

The El Peñón power plant opened

El Peñón power plant, with a nominal power of 90 MW.

January 2010

The San Lorenzo power plant opened

San Lorenzo power plant, with two open cycle turbines, and a nominal power of 30 MW each.

June 2012

Enlasa Generación Chile S.A., affiliate

The Enlasa Generación Chile S.A. formed and was incorporated.

September 2014

Plant Expansion

The capacity of its El Peñón and San Lorenzo plants increased, from 6.9 MW to 8.5 MW.

December 2015

Plant Expansion

Enlasa Generación expanded the generation capacity of the El Peñón plant by 2 MW.

February 2016

Plant Expansion

The capacity of Trapén plant was expanded by 8 MW

November 2016

Innovación Energía S.A.

The company Innovación Energía S.A. was incorporated along with Empresas Gasco S.A.

March 2017

Terminal Gas Caldera

The associate company Terminal Gas Caldera S.A. was incorporated along with Empresas Gasco S.A.

April 2017

Plant Expansion

Enlasa expanded the capacity of the Teno plant by 6 MW.

November 2017

Construction of the Teno Gas power plant

Innovación Energía began construction of the Teno Gas plant, with a capacity of 44.7 MW.