Our Company

Energía Latina S.A. (Enlasa) is an energy generation and supply company with more than 10 years of history. Our main services have been energy and power supply in the event of a system emergency (energy sufficiency), and fast and efficient operation as system flexible units (during the afternoon or in the case of maintenance and transmission system bottlenecks).

Our Vision

A market where energy is the backbone of a society committed to mitigating climate change.

Our Mission

In the energy transition, we are devising solutions low in CO2 for clients and the power system before others. 

Our Power Plants

Energía Latina S.A. has generation plants strategically distributed throughout the National Electrical System. Our power plants are located in the regions of Atacama, Coquimbo, Maule and Los Lagos, and, thus, they face different operating conditions. The power plants at El Peñón and Trapén have historically produced more than twice the energy of the Teno power plant. Trapén is currently, and will be in the future, a key power plant for providing support due to the lack of transmission capacity and water needed for generating electricity in the area of Puerto Montt.


Main consultants and environmental service companies

The core of the development model of Energía Latina S.A. is to grow along with the communities that surround it, and an unconditional respect for the environment.

The company has community relations plans that envision a permanent relationship with our partners in the different communities.

Energía Latina conducts strict environmental monitoring of its four plants. We are always monitoring compliance of the Environmental Standards and the commitments made by the Company during the environmental assessment process of our projects and their respective Environmental Qualification Resolutions (RCA for its acronym in Spanish).


Energía Latina S.A. is an open joint-stock company and the parent company of a corporate conglomerate. Its affiliate Enlasa Generación Chile S.A. owns the historical generation assets.

For more information, please contact us at the following email address: inversionistas@enlasa.cl

Energía Latina S.A., Taxpayer ID Number 76.309.510-K, has 43,762,312 subscribed and paid shares, which have been listed in the Stock Registry of the Superintendence of Values and Securities (SVS for its acronym in Spanish) under the number 1,089. The 43,762,312 subscribed and paid shares are listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange and the Electronic Stock Exchange.

Enlasa Generación Chile S.A., Taxpayer ID Number 76.009.328-9, has 42,435,110 subscribed and paid shares. It is listed in the stock registry of the Superintendence of Values and Securities with the number 1,115. The aim of this is to issue public offering instruments that are different from shares.