San Lorenzo Environmental Qualification Resolution

The San Lorenzo power plant was environmentally assessed by the National Energy Commission and the public entities with environmental competency of the Atacama Region. It obtained its corresponding RCA N° 161 on May 20, 2008.

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Later, through Exempt Resolution N° 190 of December 4, 2013, the Environmental Assessment Service of the Atacama Region decided to allow Enlasa the installation of four additional generating engines and allows to cancel the use of fuel N° 6 in all the premises of the project.

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Environmental Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

The San Lorenzo plant has its own strict environmental monitoring program. The air quality monitoring plant constantly measures online parameters such as PM10, SO2, NOx, O3 and CO.

The power plant environmental analysis includes particulate material (PM10) through a continuous beta analyzer.. The data is stored in a data-logger with a storage frequency of every 5 minutes.

Online Monitoring Jan-Dec 2019

Online Monitoring Jan-Mar 2020

Air Quality Monitoring Station Location