Trapén Environmental Qualification Resolution

The Trapén Power Plant was environmentally assessed by the National Environment Commission and the public entities with environmental competency of the Los Lagos Region. It also obtained its corresponding RCA N° 113 on February 19, 2008.

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Through Exempt Resolution N° 487 of September 2, 2015, the Environmental Assessment Service of the Los Lagos Region decided that Enlasa is not required to enter into the Environmental Impact Assessment System. The resolution allows the Company to increase the power plant capacity to 82.45 MW by adding 7 new generators.

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Environmental Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Enlasa installed two air quality monitoring plants, approved by the Ministerial Regional Secretary of the Los Lagos Region, to measure potential environmental impacts and hazards.

Currently, both plants are not active because their positive results did not justify further measurements in the area.

Air Quality Monitoring Station Location

Noise Measurement

These noise measurements are performed monthly (subject to generating request) in order to verify compliance according to Supreme Decree N° 146/97 of the Ministry of the General Secretary of the Presidency (MINSEGPRES). The measurements are taking at 5 points, which correspond to the receptors located the closest to noise sources, according to the RCA.

As of June 2014, the new monitoring reports are submitted according to the new environmental standard of Supreme Decree N° 38/11 of the Ministry of Environment of Chile.

Noise Measurement Points